The multi award winning C3 house concept

The C3 house demonstrates a world leading approach to sustainable luxury living. Planning controls in the area require buildings to have ‘less than minor’ visual impact on the landscape from surrounding public open space. Some of the controls are a set height limit, a building platform, environmentally appropriate colours and textures, limited earthworks and vegetation disturbance.

The Longview Environmental Trust has developed a site specific sustainable house rating tool that exceeds existing tools available in New Zealand. All houses at Emerald Bluffs are required to meet a minimum rating on this tool. The C3 house project, however, strived to reach the maximum score and achieve triple carbon-zero status:zero operational carbon emissions, total material manufacture and zero waste at the end of its lifecycle. The project has succeeded at this challenge.

The proposed house would be constructed of local stone (Gabion Baskets), local renewable timber and rammed earth with limited use of steel cement and glass. The overall embodied carbon is negative. The energy consumption is kept extremely low by a hugely efficient envelope and a ground-source heat pump together with low energy use lighting and appliances. The entire building can be recycled.

The C3 House design won the ‘Future Projects – House’ category at the prestigious World Architecture Festival in Singapore in 2012, and the Sustainability Award at the MPIM Architecture Awards in Cannes in 2013.