Creating a unique and sustainable development

Emerald Bluffs is the result of one man’s belief in treading lightly on the land and his vision to create a sensitive, sustainable development where the ongoing enhancement and protection of the natural landscape is paramount. This sustainable philosophy has led to the comprehensive restoration of the entire site at Emerald Bluffs, including extensive pine tree and weed control, the creation of a wetland area and an ongoing revegetation project with over 100,000 native plants already re-introduced.

Another cornerstone of the Emerald Bluffs vision is the importance of privacy and respecting the space of others. Each building platform has been designed and positioned on the site to ensure privacy whilst optimising the spectacular views. The division of the 85 hectares of land into just seven lots is true testament to this inherent understanding of the importance of home as a retreat and a haven.

The implementation of a management company enables the provision of the highest standard of services and infrastructure. All of the amenities are centrally controlled and managed from the base building located on site. This building also houses an advanced solar power system. Additional services, such as maintenance of your home and garden, transfers, and other concierge services are also available on request.

Set up as a not-for-profit model, all profits from the sales of sites at Emerald Bluffs are contributed to local environmental projects through a charitable trust.